Flat rate shipping - Shipping within Australia and to USA, Canada, New Zealand

Orders Marked Delivered But Not Received / Orders Not Received or Late / Return to Sender

There are times when you order has not arrived or says is delivered but has not been received. Please see below for what to do.


Orders Marked Delivered But Not Received

If you find yourself in the situation that your order tracking states it has been delivered and you do not have it there are some steps you need to:

1. check with the people in your residence, that they did not place it somewhere for you.

2. check with your neighbours, especially in unit/apartments, just in case it was placed in the wrong letter box.

3. Australia - lodge an enquiry with Australia Post. USA - contact your local post office. I am unable to do this for you.

In the case that your local post office says it was delivered correctly, I am unable to refund or replace the item, as it can be assumed it was stolen.


Order has not arrived / is late

This can happen from time to time and is currently happening due to COVID19.

There are several things that can be done

1. If your parcel is tracking and moving to different locations, you can wait a little longer to see if it turns up.

"Return to Sender" Orders

If your order is "Returned To Sender" due to incorrect address or order not being picked up at your post office, you will incur a shipping charge to resend it to you.

Please note as we are traveling around Australia, there maybe a delay as to when the item can be resent to you. Always ensure your address is correct.